In this perfect morning i would to make a little tiny difference. I want to try to make my first post in english. My english is not perfect at all, my newest TOEFL score just 527,while its enough to go abroad then hehe. I checked my TOEFL score when i’m listing in student exchange to Malaysia in the 3rd semester. Yeah, thats a past. For now maybe i will consider to study abroad or em travelling abroad after i’ve got married hehe.

For past two months now, i think english is very important lately in my progress to finish my final project (red: tugas akhir). Because almost of every source (ex:books, journal, tutorial, etc.) to complete my final project were in english. Hope it will be all fine πŸ™‚


In this morning, i have been done my duty to check the practicum journal of my students in lab. I have give them score and i found something interesting. Yups, interesting because i feel relieved that i have done my duty (red: teaching) in this first two weeks.

Please have a lookΒ  πŸ˜€ …


This a journal cover


And here are some suggestions πŸ™‚



like this..

okay then..





no commentΒ  πŸ™‚


hmm..Β  its litle to much here..


Okay maybe its enough for now, have a nice morning.. πŸ™‚