Nowadays, i’m back to my daily routine. Sleep late, studying, having mid  terms, doing some duty. Uneasy, i feel it will be getting hard and harder from this day. But, i’d like try to think simply. When my destination has been determined and specified in mind, there is nothing else to doubt for doing my  best. 🙂 And alhamdulillah, the 35s pages proposal for my final project has been printed this evening (uhmm or morning maybe?). Hope it will be all fine for the futureworks. Aamiiin.

Hmm.. by the way my litle brother was sleeping back there, its a bit creepy,  just a minute ago my brother starts to talk in his sleep, in english too (LOL)

And by the way, i’d really love to feel the night here rather in my grandfather house. Here, i can hear the silence, surrounding by the nature harmony, very calm. Improve the quality of every second in my sleep i think, because i dont have time to sleep much but when i wake up i always feel refreshed. And then, this condition is make a perfect time to take the wudhu’ for the night prayer.. 🙂

After that, lets take a sleep (akhirnya) and keep the spirit!